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League - SCL

release time:2022-06-09 10:47

You can search for the team-name of the team you want to join, in the upper right corner of the site.

After that, type in the chosen team-password and click the button. Now, youre a member of the team.

Joining is quite simple. Start by creating a teamhere, then ask your team-mates to join the team. Once that is done, click the blue button that says

above. Select the players you want to join with, and then click the button sign-up. Once that is done, it is only the payments left. When

players has paid, then you are ready for the season!

The league goes on for 4 weeks (2 matches per week). If you get to top 16 after these games, then you have playoffs which will take an additional 2 weeks if you make it to the finals.

To be able to play on our servers, please downloadAkros AC. This will be used along with our own server-sided anti-cheat, which is something you dont need to download.

We charge €8.95 as entry fee, and this entry fee is for each player in the lowest division. We charge nothing more. It is not a recurring payment, it is a one-time cost. This small fee allows every team to play the whole season and have the chance to win the full prize as well as advancing to the higher division.